Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf

$50.00 CAD

Colour Combos: brick & pumpkin with your choice of yellow:


Product Description

This is the sweetest scarf ever! Inspired by the very cunning hat, this 100% Acrylic scarf features blocks of Pumpkin orange in between blocks of Brick red and your choice of Bronze, Glowing Gold or Light Tapestry Gold (to match whichever hat you choose). Maybe you want a scarf to match your cunning hat, or maybe you just don't like hats and would rather show these colors off around your neck instead. Either way, you've got the options to match it with any of the cunning acrylic hats that I've got listed in my shoppe!

Each block of color is about 6 inches square. I have left inch-long tassels in the places where the colors switch, reminiscent of the pompom and tassles on a certain cunning hat, and that's what gives this scarf a certain rustic charm. Scarf measures approximately 66 inches long and about 6 inches wide.

Please Note: This scarf is knit to order, so may take an extra day or 2 to be knit up before shipping.

This scarf comes in a stamped box, nestled in straw with a loving note from Ma.

Any requests for different yarn types or colours can be made, just send me a message, or see my shoppe for other combos!

Scarfs are knit in a smoke-free, rabbit-friendly environment.

Thanks for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

Stay shiny!
Love Ma Cobb

Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf

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