Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat

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Product Description

Hand-knit hats make great gifts!

This listing includes all that you need to turn that cunning hat into a very cunning gift. If you're giving the hat as a gift you can "assemble" the final package yourself (so the box doesn't get all beat-up in the mail). Gift kits include an unfolded hand-stamped gift box, a gift-tag, and a note from Ma (along with a few other pretties), all wrapped up in a nice big bubble envelope. I will send you everything you need for the perfect gift for that loved one in your life!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Gift kits do not include a hat! Gift kits are meant to be added to your hat order and shipped to you so you can assemble it as a gift for someone else. This listing is meant to be purchased and sent to the the GIFT-GIVER, and NOT to the GIFT-RECEIVER. The gift-giver purchases the hat and then assembles the final product in order to then give it to someone else as a gift. Gift kits are not meant to be mailed directly to the recipient of the gift (that can be done with the regular hat in my shoppe).

This listing is also great if you've knit your very own cunning hat, and would like to give it as a gift to a loved one.

Please let me know if you're giving the gift to someone in your household and I will make sure that the outside of the package is non-descript and doesn't hint at what is inside. ;)

A hat given as a gift is the sweetest hat ever!

Gift-kits are assembled in a smoke-free, rabbit-friendly environment.

Thanks for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

Stay shiny!
Love, Ma

Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat

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