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Shiny Hand-Knit Hat - 100% Wool


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Chunky Hand Knit Ear Flap Pom Pom Hat - Acrylic Wool blend


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Cunning Hand Knit Ear Flap and Pom Pom Hat - 100% Acrylic Hat in Brick, Pumpkin and Bronze


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Cunning Hand Knit Hat - 100% Acrylic Hat in Brick, Pumpkin and Glowing Gold


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Cunning Hand-Knit Scarf


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Chunky Hand Knit Cowl Neckwarmer Infinity Scarf - Wool Acrylic Blend


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Gift Kit for Hand-Knit hat


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Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe is the place to go when your noggin is craving a very cunning hand-knit hat! I also make buttons & all kinds of other pretties. Support handmade!