Rainbow Brite Tote Bag - Vintage Fabric

$30.00 CAD


Product Description

This fabulous tote bag is made from some super-vibrant vintage Rainbow Brite fabric from 1983! This vintage fabric began its life as a set of twin sheets! The sheets have a been double washed and interfaced for durability.

This tote features many favorite characters from Rainbow Brite including Rainbow Brite herself with Twink, her sprite, and Starlite, her horse. The other side of the tote has La La Orange and Canary Yellow with various sprites and lots of colourful rainbows and stars. The inner fabric is baby pink and covered with more colourful little apples.

This would make a very unique eco-friendly grocery bag or just a great everyday tote to carry all your belongings in vibrant Rainbow Brite style!

Tote measures approximately 14" wide and 17" high. Straps are heavy yet soft pink cotton and measure about 9" from the top of the bag, just long enough to hold in your hand or throw over a shoulder.

If you can't get enough of Rainbow Brite, check out the set of buttons/magnets I have listed in my shoppe here:

Thanks so much for looking! I hope that I've made your life just a little bit more colourful! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

Stay Brite!

Rainbow Brite Tote Bag - Vintage Fabric Rainbow Brite Tote Bag - Vintage Fabric Rainbow Brite Tote Bag - Vintage Fabric Rainbow Brite Tote Bag - Vintage Fabric

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