The X-Files - Set of Nine Buttons Pins or Magnets

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Product Description

Is anyone besides me nostalgic for the early episodes of one of the best television shows of all time? Show your love for the classic series with these one inch buttons! Set of nine buttons perfect for any X-Phile! Nine buttons for the first nine fantastic seasons of the The X-Files (and hopefully more to come?).

This set includes some classic X-Files phrases in white typewriter font on black background:
- all lies lead to the truth
- believe the lie
- the truth is out there
- trust no one
- everything dies
- tempus fugit
- deceive inveigle obfuscate
- deny knowledge

This listing is for the nine (9) buttons listed above. All buttons measure 1" in diameter and were created by me, Ma Cobb, with my printer and my nifty little button machine.

Would you prefer MAGNETS? This set can also be made into magnets for $2 extra, check out the variation above.

If you'd like a different quantity or are interested in only a few of these designs, I would be happy to set up a combination of buttons or magnets that suits you! :) Just let me know.

All buttons are shipped in bubble-mailers for protection. This set of 9 comes with a couple other little X-Files goodies as well. Buttons are assembled and shipped from a rabbit-friendly, smoke-free environment.

Thanks for looking! The truth is out there!

The X-Files - Set of Nine Buttons Pins or Magnets The X-Files - Set of Nine Buttons Pins or Magnets

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